There are tons of great Golden Retrievers without homes, and I will be scouring the web's various rescues from various locations to increase the spotlight on these awesome pets of both genders, various ages, and backgrounds, in hopes that they too can find companionship and love. 

Gender: Female
Status: Available Now
Weight: 67 lbs
Approximate DOB: 10/15/01
Age: 11
Intake Date: 10/15/12


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The Golden Retrievers lineage is modern and well documented. During mid-18th century Scotland, A man by the name of Baron Tweedmouth sought to engineer a dog with a propensity to hunt efficiently on both land and water (Scotland has many ponds and rivers). Goldens are excellent swimmers and retrievers, making them invaluable to hunters seeking to retrieve submerged fowl/ game. Hunting was not Lord Baron's sole goal however as he sought to endow with it physical attractiveness and outstanding social intelligence. 

Dogs species (which differ from their modern counterparts) bred to arrive at the modern day Golden include,
  • Tweed Water Spaniel
  • Red Setters
  • Black Retrievers
  • Labradors
  • Bloodhounds
  • St. John's Dogs

This amalgam of species combined in one created a dog with impeccable smell, friendly temperament, and exceptional hunting savvy. Most of all, their most overt feature was their luxurious golden coat. They are non-slip retrievers meaning they sit until commanded to gather game.  They are a man's best friend, especially for physical activities. If you live somewhere with a lot of space for a Golden to roam then it's the perfect scenario. 

Even now with the modern Golden Retriever there lay subtle differences between any individual dog based on its location. Canadian Goldens, American Goldens, and British Goldens vary to some degree.

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The Golden Retriever Club of America

If you have a Golden Retriever or are looking to adopt one then The Golden Retriever Club of America is right up your alley. A great source for rearing, training, health, adoption and pretty much any other pertinent subject on Golden Retrievers. The site even includes an "ask an expert" section which makes it more than worthy of a bookmark. Also great if you would like to participate in local events, competitions, and gatherings with other Golden Retriever owners. 

Their mission statement, 

"The Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA) was established in 1938 to protect and advance the interests of this breed in the United States. We hope you will learn enough, through reading this website, to be an informed consumer prior to buying a Golden Retriever puppy.
Your puppy's purchase price may be a smidgen of what you spend over its lifetime. Think ahead to 10-12 years of veterinary bills and the importance of choosing a puppy whose ancestors have been screened for common health issues which have a genetic basis.
AKC registration simply means the sire and dam of your Golden Retriever are the same breed. It does NOT guarantee health, temperament, structural soundess or breeding quality.
The best source of a healthy, well-socialized puppy is a conscientious breeder with a long-term commitment to the breed and a reputation to uphold."

Where Are They Now: Air Buddy

It's still somewhat clear. Kraft Lunchables on the table, Capri-sun held with grip, and movie on screen. For me these objects were stimulus that signified "Disney movie at Grandmother" time. There was the street rat Aladdin and his magic carpet, the highly imaginative ""Halloween town", movies about kids overcoming bullies, movies about kids overcoming themselves, parents, and other obstacles. When Air Buddy appeared in his first feature film, the game was changed. 8 year old children had a new favorite Disney actor and it wasn't Lindsey Lohan. 

Air Bud was the story of an abused Golden Retriever who escapes into the arms of a teen dealing with his fathers death, and acting as therapeutic agent by promoting the teen's eagerness to play sports via his own ability to excel at sports despite being an animal.  

So, Where is he now? Sadly, Air Buddy was put to sleep to end his battle with synovial cell sarcoma cancer February 8, 1998. Previously an abandoned dog, he was adopted by his owner Kevin di Ciccio and trained to play various sports. It was after acquiring these skill-sets that the dog actor would rise to stardom, putting all Golden Retrievers on the map. 

Fact You May Not Know: Air Buddy stared on Full House as Comet the dog for multiple seasons, won America's funniest home videos, and appeared on David Letterman's Stupid pet tricks segment.  

Dog Helps Save Brother After Being Lost For 2 Weeks On Cape Cod

I came across a very heart-warming story today and thought I should share. Two Golden Retrievers, Baxter and Bailey, wandered off of their owner Penny Blackwell's yard into what would prove an extended adventure. After presumably frolicking in the woods, the two dogs became stuck when their leashes became entangled with brush, twine, and branch. Eventually, one of the dogs (Baxter) broke free and returned to Blackwell's home, guided the owner to Baxter still stuck in the chaos , and made it safely home again. Originally thinking the dogs were lost forever due to the sheer amount of time that passed by, Blackwell was relieved to be back with her two pets. The dogs suffered a moderate loss of weight, but all else was well, bringing closure to this movie-like tale.

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